Robert Bond

Dates of Birth and Death

1596 - 1677

Robert Bond was born in Kent County, England in 1596; came to New England about 1639, and died at Newark, New Jersey in April 1677 leaving a will. Bond was a Puritan who probably settled first at Lynn, Massachusetts. He was an educated man, although his occupation was blacksmith. By 1642 he had a daughter Mary by his first wife, whose full name is not now known and there were at least three more children by that marriage.

About 1643 Robert moved his family to Southampton, Long Island, where he was appointed by the General Court of Connecticut to ask each family the amount they would give to scholars at Cambridge College in Massachusetts. Because of a split on this church matter, Robert was one of the 9 men who began the new town of East Hampton, purchasing 31,000 acres from the Indians in 1648. Robert was elected one of four men to run the affairs of the town and was one of the first three judges of the town's General Court. He was also appointed "Magistrate for East Hampton" by the general assembly at Hartford, under whose protection East Hampton was at this time, and represented the town in the General Assembly of the colony at Hartford in 1660, 1661.

In 1665 Bond and his son Joseph became part of the group who purchased the land known as Elizabethtown and signed the oath of allegiance there on 19 February 1665. He was appointed in1667/8 to Gov. Carteret's Council and an assistant to the Justices. In 1668 he helped define the boundary between Elizabethtown and Newark and was a member of the first General Assembly of New Jersey at Elizabethtown that same year.

Robert Bond married in 1672 for his second wife, at Newark, Mary Calkins, daughter of Hugh Calkins and widow of Hugh Roberts. He is many times mentioned in the Newark records, now being a resident of that place and holding various positions in the town government. He died there in April of 1677, his second wife surviving him until 1700. There was at least one child by his wife Mary Calkins Roberts Bond.

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