John Bishop Sr.

Dates of Birth and Death


John Bishop, Sr. was born in England c. 1621 and married Rebecca Kent Scullard in New England about 1647. He died between 19 September and 27 November 1684, the dates of his will.

John Bishop was probably both a ship's carpenter and a house carpenter. He was evidently in New England before 1643 as he knew of the building of the ship "Adventure" which sailed from Boston for Glasgow at that time. John probably was one of the crew and was back in London in April 1645 where he testified in court concerning the journeys of this ship. He was then 24 years of age.

Returned to New England in 1647 he married Rebecca Kent Scullard, daughter of Richard and widow of Samuel with whom she had at least four daughters. John and Rebecca lived at Newbury, Mass. for several years where their eight children were born 1648-1660. John was a Selectman at Newbury in 1655. The family removed to Nantucket about 1663 and John purchased land there in 1664 from the Indian Sachem. Later that year he joined others to become an Associate in the Woodbridge Patent.

John built a corn mill in the Rahway section of the Patent and was quite a respected man of the area, mentioned in many Woodbridge and vicinity records. He was the first representative to the Assembly in 1668 and was one of Governor Carteret's Council in 1672.

When John's will was written 19 September 1684 - probated 27 November 1684, it did not include his wife; she probably died earlier. Two of the eight children predeceased their father: daughter Elizabeth who died in infancy and son David. Six other children outlived their father: Jonathan, John, Noah, Rebecca, Joanna and Ann, known also as Hannah.


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