Obadiah Ayers

Dates of Birth and Death

1636 - 1694

Obadiah Ayers, son of John and Hannah Ayers, was born probably in Salisbury, Massachusetts in 1636; died in Woodbridge, New Jersey in 1694. He married Hannah Pike, a daughter of Captain John Pike on 19 March 1661 at Haverhill, Massachusetts. She died 30 May 1689, in Woodbridge.

With his father-in-law, John Pike, and seven associates, a tract of land was purchased in New Jersey where they founded a settlement that became Woodbridge, between 1665 and 1667.

Obadiah is named many times in deeds of the area in those early years. His will of 17 November 1694 left his real and personal estate to his sons Samuel, John, Joseph and Obadiah, and to his daughter Mary. Letters testament were issued to the witnesses, Ephraim, Andrew and John Pike, all relatives of the deceased wife of Obadiah, and were affixed to the original will.

Biography Author

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