Bartholomew Applegate

Dates of Birth and Death

c 1625 - aft 1674

Bartholomew Applegate was the eldest son of Thomas Applegate and Elizabeth Morgan, members of the Massachusetts Bay Colony as early as 1635. The family included three other children: John, Helena, and Thomas. The family moved first from Massachusetts to New Amsterdam, second to Flushing, and third to Gravesend, Long Island.

In 1650 Bartholomew married Hannah Annet je Patrick. He was a land owner in Gravesend. On 8 March 1674 he and his brother Thomas Applegate, with Richard Sadler were granted permission to purchase lands from the Indians, near the Navesink, in East Jersey. Bartholomew was not present at the drawing of lots in the new purchase, but was represented by John Rawles. One of the conditions of the purchase was that settlements be made within two years or the land would be forfeited. In 1674, Bartholomew with his family left Gravesend; moving either to Monmouth County, New Jersey or more likely to New England to live. In 1685/86 his rights to 200 acres of land at the Fall of the New Shrewsbury, New Jersey were vested with Col. Lewis Morris.

Biography Author

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