Thomas Alger

Dates of Birth and Death

16xx - 1687

Thomas Alger's birth date and place are unknown. He married Susanna (-) her last name unknown. He died at Woodbridge, New Jersey, between 4 January and 14 January 1687/8, the dates of his will.

Very little is known concerning the life of Thomas Alger. His name was recorded variously, as "Auger" or "Awger". When the family arrived in this country is not now known, but he was among the first settlers of Woodbridge where he received a house lot of 12 acres, 120 acres of upland and 35 acres of meadows on 18 March 1669/70.

Thomas and Susanna had at least two sons and two daughters, namely Thomas, Jr., William, Susannah, and Mary (or Marie), probably all born before the family arrived at Woodbridge, but that has not been determined. Thomas' wife Susanna outlived him and was Executrix of his will which mentions his property as a plantation, a home lot in Woodbridge, and a share in the mill by John Dennis as well as his family as consisting of son William, daughter Mary Gilman, grandchild John, son of John Allen of Woodbridg". The inventory of his estate includes £ 30 for Thomas’ share of the grist mill.

Biography Author

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