Richard Clark

Dates of Birth and Death

c. 1613 - 1697

Richard Clark was born in England c. 1613; died between1 April 1687, the date he made his will, and 9 April when the inventory of his estate was taken in Elizabethtown, New Jersey. He married Elizabeth (-), date and place unknown. She died intestate in 1724 in Elizabethtown, administration granted to the eldest son, Richard, on 16 February 1724/5.

Richard Clark was at Southampton, Long Island, New York, in 1650, served in the Indian War of 1657 and was in Southold, Long Island in 1661, where he was a whale striker, boat carpenter, ship builder and planter in 1667.

On 22 March 1741 his eldest son, Richard ., stated in Elizabethtown that he was "aged about four score years (80) ... that he was brought to Elizabeth Town by his father, named Richard Clarke, when he was between sixteen and seventeen years of age." This statement placed the Clark family in the Town by 1677. When James Hinds purchased some upland on 1 July 1677 he named Clark's land as a boundary, as also did Jonas Wood in 1679. Richard had purchased land also from Caleb Carwithey at Luke Watson's Point in 1678; it was named as a boundary in a deed of William Oliver of Elizabethtown to John Decent on 12 February 1683/4.

When the lists of Elizabethtown Associates were re-entered in the new Town Book by order of the 1699 Town Meeting, Richard Clark was listed among them and again in the Town Book of 7 June 1735, Richard Clark, Sr., deceased, was recorded as an Associate, and thus had been entitled to a second lot right.

Biography Author

Marjorie Barber Schuster #C29


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