John Chamberlin

Dates of Birth and Death


John Chamberlin was born in Shrewsbury, Monmouth County, East Jersey on or about 1687. The Quaker records give his birth date as occurring on the 17th day, but the month and year have been completely worn away with the passage of time. John was the son of Henry Chamberlin and Ann West. He married Rebecca Morris, daughter of Col. Lewis Morris and Elizabeth Almy of Passage Point, Monmouth County, on or about 1711 in Monmouth County.

On 1 April 1709, John Chamberlin, calling himself a singleman, son and heir of Henry Chamberlin, late of Shrewsbury, deceased, sold 50 acres of land of which he stated: The same was conveyed to me in the right of my father Henry Chamberlin, deceased, by a papent bearing the date 1 May 1697. The 50 acres of land was sold to Thomas Layton for 50 pounds silver, for “this fifty acres of meadow in Freehold.” This 50 acres of land was part of the Passaquenecqua lands that had been jointly purchased by his father and his uncle William Chamberlin. From 1733 to 1737, he paid interest upon a mortgage on the remaining portion of this land, which was bounded east by the sea and west by the land of Henry Chamberlin, his cousin and son of his uncle William Chamberlin.

John Chamberlin was a member of the Grand Jury, 1711-1720 and 1735; Constable in 1716; and Surveyor of Highways in 1729. On 14 September 1714, he was mortgager to John Bowne, merchant. On 28 May 1717, his nephew Henry, petitioned the court to appoint him as his guardian, and on 8 July 1717, letters of guardianship were issued to him.

The records of Christ’s Church at Shrewsbury gives 2 Sep 1739 as John Chamberlin’s date of death. He was interned near his house at Deal. On 27 Nov 1739, letters of administration were granted to his widow Rebecca; her brother John Morris was appointed her bondsman.On 21 May 1743, his widow Rebecca, together with their son John and his wife Hannah, sold 360 acres of land to Henry Green. This land was described as being located from Whales Pond northward to a line above the site of the famous hotel known as Howlands and from the sea to Deal and Long Branch Turnpike. Of this tract three square rods were reserved for the Chamberlin burial plot.

Rebecca Chamberlin was listed in an account, dated 12 June 1751, in the settlement of the estate of George Williams of Shrewsbury. In the same list are named Louis Chamberlin, her son, and William Chamberlin (her nephew), along with many other names.

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