Robert Carr

Dates of Birth and Death

1614 - 1681

Robert Carr, son of Benjamin and Martha Hardington Carr was born c. 1614, probably in the British Isles; died probably in Newport, Rhode Island between 20 April and 4 October 1681, the dates of his will. He married, but the name of his wife, the date and place are unknown. Mrs. Carr died after 20 April 1681, when she was mentioned in her husband's will.

Robert Carr "taylor", aged twenty-one, and his brother Caleb Carr, aged eleven, embarked in the ship Elizabeth and Ann in 1635 in London for New England. Caleb Carr later became a Governor of Rhode Island. Robert was admitted an inhabitant of Portsmouth on 21 February 1639, and was made a freeman of Newport 16 March 1641. Newport became his permanent home where he engaged in trade and thrived, as is attested to by his will which disposed of considerable property. He embraced the religion of the Society of Friends probably about the time of the visit of George Fox to Rhode Island.

Carr's activities included involvement in the purchase of the island of Conanicut (Jamestown) from the Indians, and he became a non-resident shareholder of the Monmouth Patent in New Jersey, the grant by Governor Nicolls on which the patentees and their associates commenced their settlements immediately at Middletown and Shrewsbury before the fall of 1665. The tract of land which was Robert Carr's he sold to Giles Slocum by deeds dated in 1676.

The will of Robert Carr was dated 20 April 1681, he "being bound on a voyage to New York and New Jersey and aged sixty-seven." Having sold his land in New Jersey he devised only his lands in Rhode Island to his children and provided for "my loving wife."

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