George Brown

Dates of Birth and Death

16xx -1717/8

George Brown was born in Scotland, son of Rev. Richard Brown. He married Annabel Gordon Knox on 13 February 1693 at Woodbridge, New Jersey and died there c. 1717/8.

George Brown and Annabel Gordon were part of a group of Scottish Presbyterians who had been imprisoned because of the fight for religious liberty. George Scot, at one time a fellow prisoner, had the idea to transport about one hundred and five of these prisoners to New Jersey after reading a pamphlet published in Edinburgh which contained an attractive description of "The Province of East New Jersey.". He received permission for a voyage and the prisoners in the tollbooth of Leith, including George and Annabel, left there on 5 September 1685. Annabel left a protest of banishment upon removal from Scotland. Many died on this extremely tragic journey, but the survivors arrived during the late fall of 1685. George settled at Woodbridge, near Perth Amboy.

On 13 February 1693 George Brown married Annabel Gordon Knox. She had first married William Knox and was described as "widow" at the second marriage. George and Annabel raised a family of five sons: James, Thomas, William, Grier and Andrew, and one daughter, Christian.

Described as a "tailor" in early records, Brown perhaps had learned that skill in Scotland. He was quite active at the Presbyterian Church of Woodbridge and continued purchasing a number of lots in and around Woodbridge. When he died intestate c. 1717/8, administration of his estate was granted to his widow, Annabel. He was survived by his six children. George and Annabel were buried in the cemetery of the First Presbyterian Church of Woodbridge.

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